Right Wing Round-Up: The QAnon Purge

  • Katelyn Burns @ Vox: Twitter purged thousands of QAnon-spreading accounts, including some of the conspiracy’s most prominent backers.
  • Ron Dicker @ HuffPost: Melania Trump Makes Herself The Victim In Statement On Capitol Attack.
  • Will Sommer @ The Daily Beast: ‘Stop the Steal’ Organizer in Hiding After Denying Blame for Riot.
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Robert Jeffress Blames “Kingdom of Satan,” Not Christians, for Capitol Siege.
  • John Fea: Eric Metaxas says he does not have “blood on his hands” and a call for Simon & Schuster to remove his foreword to Bonhoeffer’s ‘Cost of Discipleship.’
  • Sarah Mimms @ BuzzFeed: Republicans Are Calling For “Unity” After They Voted To Try To Overturn The Election Following The Deadly Capitol Attack.
  • Josh Kovensky @ Talking Points Memo: FBI Warns Of Armed Protests Across Country In New Bulletin.