Right Wing Round-Up: The Flynn Family Business

  • Anne Nelson @ The Washington Spectator: God and QR Codes for Trump; The Courage Tour Goes to Michigan
  • At the outset, the Courage Tour looks like an updated version of an old-fashioned Elmer Gantry-style revival, complete with Bible verses, Christian rock, and the promise of faith healing for sufferers of anything from arthritis to sciatica. But within minutes it took on all of the characteristics of a political rally, recruiting worshippers for door-knocking, letter-writing, phone banking, and election oversight, driven by Pentecostal fervor and fear of the devil.

  • David A. Fahrenthold and Alexandra Berzon @ The New York Times: Michael Flynn Has Turned His Trump-World Celebrity Into a Family Business
  • The former national security adviser took over a nonprofit group. Soon, it was paying five of his relatives and trafficking in conspiracy theories.

  • Lisa Mascaro @ The Associated Press: Conservative-backed group is creating a list of federal workers it suspects could resist Trump plans
  • Tom Jones and his American Accountability Foundation are digging into the backgrounds, social media posts and commentary of key high-ranking government employees, starting with the Department of Homeland Security. They’re relying in part on tips from his network of conservative contacts, including workers. In a move that alarms some, they’re preparing to publish the findings online.

  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Louisiana GOP lawmaker can’t defend her own Ten Commandments law
  • State Rep. Lauren Ventrella couldn’t answer basic questions about the legality of the law she sponsored.

  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Trump’s new pitch: having migrants fight each other for sport
  • Donald Trump’s idea of putting migrants into a ring to fight for Americans’ entertainment is, among other things, new.

  • Ed Pilkington @ The Guardian: Charlie Kirk once unified conservative youth for Trump. Why are Republicans now turning on him?
  • Kirk’s non-profit, Turning Point Action, is planning a $100m ‘chase the vote’ operation to help propel the ex-president to the White House, but his outsized influence is being subjected to scrutiny.

  • Molly Redden @ HuffPost: A Leonard Leo-Linked Group Is Secretly Funding Legislative Attacks On Trans Rights
  • Documents obtained by HuffPost show that Leo, a powerful figure who helped Donald Trump select Supreme Court justices, has funneled money to a group pushing gender-affirming care bans.

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