Right Wing Round-Up: Surrounded By Fraudsters

  • Philip Bump @ The Washington Post: The ‘great replacement’ theory, now in legislation form
  • A Republican effort to combine election denialism and border alarmism, known as the Save Act, is having the desired effect.

  • Andre Gee and Asawin Suebsaeng @ Rolling Stone: The Fyre Fest Fraudster Is Connecting Trump With Rappers
  • Trump’s Justice Department sent Fyre Fest organizer Billy McFarland to jail. Now, he’s helping arrange Trump’s meetings with rappers, sources say.

  • Marlon Ettinger @ The Daily Dot: Antisemites on X demand Musk reinstate former Marine suspended for burning Talmud
  • Angelo John Gage, who goes by Lucas Gage on social media, was suspended from X after posting a video over the weekend of himself slashing an Israeli flag with a sword captioned “Death to Jewish supremacy.”

  • John Fea @ Current: Eric Metaxas on why ministers who don’t preach politics, and Christians who attend their churches, are under judgment
  • Billy Hallowell interviews Eric Metaxas on Christians and politics.

  • Edith Olmstead @ The New Republic: Trump Has Turned RNC Into a “Slut Walk,” Republicans Complain
  • Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis was not pleased by the convention’s platform or scheduled speakers.

  • Cassandra Jaramillo, Jeremy Kohler, Sophie Chou and Jessica Kegu @ CBS News/ProPublica: Texas sends millions to anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers. It’s meant to help needy families, but no one knows if it works.
  • An investigation by ProPublica and CBS News found that the system that funnels a growing pot of state money to anti-abortion nonprofits has few safeguards and is riddled with waste.

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