Right Wing Round-Up: Schooled In MAGA Politics

  • Robert Downen and Juan Salinas II @ Texas Tribune: “War on white America”: Influential Texas group hosting pro-Christian nationalism conference
  • True Texas Project has for years worked with Attorney General Ken Paxton, Sen. Ted Cruz and other prominent Republicans.

  • Tim Dickinson @ Rolling Stone: Meet Trump’s New Christian Kingpin
  • Oil-rich Tim Dunn has changed Texas politics with fanatical zeal — the national stage is next.

  • Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling @ The New Republic: Alito Caught on Tape Whining His Corruption Was Exposed
  • The Supreme Court justice accused ProPublica of unfairly targeting him and Clarence Thomas.

  • Angry White Men: BlazeTV Host Alex Stein Praises Pro-Segregation Shock Jock
  • On the June 6, 2024 episode of Prime Time with Alex Stein, BlazeTV host and right-wing troll Alex Stein spoke with disgraced shock jock Anthony Cumia. Stein praised Cumia, who has a history of white supremacist rhetoric, as “one of the funniest guys in the entire world” and told viewers to follow him on X (formerly Twitter).

  • David Kurtz @ Talking Points Memo: GOP Cranks Out Whole New Disinfo Shitstorm After Hunter Biden Conviction
  • You might think tacking his son’s scalp above the door would calm for at least a moment the GOP’s venomous attacks, sinister insinuations, and relentless disinformation campaign against Joe Biden. You would be so wrong.

  • Katherine Stewart @ Religion News Service: At Florida homeschool convention, an education in MAGA politics
  • Amid more typical homeschool concerns such as combating screen time and filling gaps in homeschool math curricula, the overarching message of the 40th annual Florida Homeschool Convention was about politics, not education.

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