Right Wing Round-Up: Russia, If You’re Listening

  • Michael Luciano @ Mediaite: Trump Calls on Putin to Hand Over Alleged Dirt on Hunter Biden: ‘He Should Release It.’
  • Antoinette Siu @ The Wrap: Trump’s Truth Social App Plummets in Traffic, Sees 93% Drop in Signups Since Launch Week.
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: Marjorie Taylor Greene agrees to write federal ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill at urging of Alex Jones.
  • Joe Jervis: Sandy Hook Families Reject Jones’ Meager Cash Offer.
  • Aaron Keller @ Law & Crime: Judge in Sandy Hook Case Holds Alex Jones in Contempt of Court, Orders Escalating Fines of $25,000 Per Day Until InfoWars Host Sits for Depositions.
  • Media Matters: On YouTube, Charlie Kirk calls for men to confront and physically prevent trans student athletes from competing.
  • Lindsay Beyerstein @ Dame: Anti-Vaxxers and Domestic Terrorists Are Aligning.
  • Steve Rabey @ Ministry Watch: Eric Metaxas said Vetting Guests not His Job in Defamation Lawsuit Testimony.
  • Kathryn Joyce @ Salon: Kayleigh McEnany wants more “Christian babies”: It’s an overt call-out to racist paranoia.