Right Wing Round-Up: Rewriting History in Real Time

  • Ian Millhiser @ Vox: Trump’s threat to adjourn Congress and make recess appointments, explained.
  • Ryan Broderick @ BuzzFeed: A YouTube Video Accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci Of Being Part Of The Deep State Has Been Viewed Over 6 Million Times In A Week.
  • Will Sommer @ The Daily Beast: Trumpists Believe Bill Gates Is Using Coronavirus to Implant Brain Chips.
  • Sophia Tesfaye @ Salon: Trump’s Tea Party: Are right-wing “open the country” protests an AstroTurf operation?
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Lawyer for COVID-19-Defying Pastor Hospitalized After Contracting COVID-19.
  • Timothy Johnson @ Media Matters: Twitter is facilitating the promotion of an Infowars host’s rally that will flout Texas’ social distancing order.
  • McKay Coppins @ The Atlantic: False Prophet: Media-bashing robocalls, chloroquine Twitter trolls, briefing-room propaganda—how the president and his allies are trying to convince America he was right all along.