Right Wing Round-Up: Literally Crucified

  • Peter Montgomery @ Other Words: Red Flags Over the Supreme Court
  • America’s highest court is supposed to be impartial — especially when it comes to our elections and constitutional rights. Unfortunately, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has been sending not very subtle signals that he’s aligned with former President Donald Trump’s MAGA movement — and the exclusionary Christian nationalism that motivates many of Trump’s followers.

  • Francesca D’Annunzio and Avery Schmitz @ The Texas Observer: Border Vigilantes Are Blurring the Lines of Law Enforcement
  • Armed groups in Arizona and Texas are collaborating with and courting police and immigration agents—with alarming results.

  • Phillip Nieto @ Mediaite: Trump Says His Witnesses Were ‘Literally Crucified’ in Wild Press Conference Attacking Prosecution
  • Former President Donald Trump claimed witnesses in his hush money trial were “literally crucified” following his criminal conviction by a New York jury.

  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Following felony conviction, will Trump be able to vote for himself?
  • In the wake of his criminal conviction, will Donald Trump be able to vote for himself in the fall? The answer is, “Probably, yes.”

  • Tim Dickinson @ Rolling Stone: Extremists Fantasize of Violence After Trump Guilty Verdict
  • Far-right Trump backers say it’s time to “take matters into our own hands” after Trump’s conviction.

  • Angry White Men: BlazeTV’s Lauren Chen Interviews Self-Described ‘Raging Antisemite’ Keith Woods
  • On Wednesday, BlazeTV host Lauren Chen continued her streak of interviewing white nationalists and antisemites by speaking to Keith Woods. Woods — real name Keith O’Brien — is an Irish white nationalist and self-described “raging antisemite” who’s spoken at white supremacist gatherings, and is listed as a VIP for an event hosted by Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

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