Right Wing Round-Up: Liberate Canada

  • Josephine Harvey @ HuffPost: Rep. Lauren Boebert Says Canada And U.S. ‘Need To Be Liberated’ Like Ukraine.
  • Kathryn Joyce @ Salon: Candace Owens, with bizarre observation on bear sex, leads CPAC into nonstop CRT panic.
  • Pema Levy @ Mother Jones: RNC Accuses Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee of…Being a Democrat!
  • Katherine Huggins @ Mediaite: RNC Condemns ‘White Supremacy, Neo-Nazism, Hate Speech and Bigotry’ Following Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Appearance at Nick Fuentes’ AFPAC.
  • John Fea @ Current: The Eric Metaxas Show pushes pro-Putin propaganda. His show is little more than an outlet to promote conspiracy theories.
  • Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers calls on Holocaust denier to “run for office.”
  • John Wright @ Raw Story: ‘Traitor! Traitor!’ Mike Lindell melts down when asked about ‘martial law’ meeting with Trump.