Right Wing Round-Up: Libeled and Abused

  • Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: On white nationalist program, Mark Lamb defends man who shot Ralph Yarl: “He was trying to protect his property … now he’s being persecuted.”
  • Kelly Weill @ The Daily Beast: Ammon Bundy Sparks Standoff Scare After Court Loss.
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: ‘Jesus Guns Babies’ candidate celebrates GOP district takeover: ‘The Lord wants to take Georgia back.’
  • Colby Hall @ Mediaite: ‘NO!’ Trump Signals He Will Refuse to Partake in Republican Debates: I Don’t Want to Be ‘Libeled and Abused.’
  • David Gilbert @ Vice News: Tucker Carlson Is Out at Fox News and QAnon Is Taking It Just Fine.
  • Andrew Prokop @ Vox: Tucker Carlson was doing something different — and darker — than most Fox hosts.