Right Wing Round-Up: Leviticus Goes Hard

  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Why Louisiana’s radical new law on Ten Commandments, schools matters
  • The Supreme Court has said Ten Commandments displays in public schools are unconstitutional. Louisiana Republicans passed a new law on this anyway.

  • Hannah Gais @ Hatewatch: What We Know About the VDARE Legal Situation That They Say ‘Finished’ Them
  • Four years after purchasing a castle in rural West Virginia intended as their headquarters, the white nationalist outlet VDARE has said that an investigation by New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James has “crucified” the site and left it “on life support.”

  • Angry White Men: Joel Webbon Defends Death Penalty For Homosexuality
  • During a June 12, 2024 livestream, Christian nationalist pastor Joel Webbon defended making homosexuality a capital offense. Webbon suggested that death, as a “maximum penalty,” would act as a deterrent. He also claimed that it is a “natural reaction” to want to “throw up” at the sight of same-sex couples holding hands or kissing.

  • Marco Margaritoff @ HuffPost: GOP Candidate Tells Black Americans Seeking Reparations To ‘Get The F**k Out’ Of America
  • Valentina Gomez, whose campaign for Missouri secretary of state has consisted of homophobic stunts and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, was eviscerated on social media.

  • Laura Jedeed @ Rolling Stone: Inside the Rise and Fall of Project Veritas
  • James O’Keefe helped transform U.S. conservatism into a war machine — then it all imploded.

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