Right Wing Round-Up: Hannity Is The Deep State’s Next Target

  • Jane Coaston @ Vox: Giuliani: Trump “probably” can pardon himself. Trump: I “absolutely” can pardon myself.
  • Ronald Radosh @ The Daily Beast: Pro-Trump Author Says CIA Has Plan to Kill the President.
  • Joseph A. Wulfsohn @ Mediaite: Hannity Echos What an InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist Told Him: ‘I’m The Next Target of The Deep State’.
  • Hatewatch: Fox News’ Sean Hannity to receive award from anti-Muslim think tank Center for Security Policy.
  • Angry White Men: Anti-Transgender Activist Walt Heyer Discusses ‘Sex Change Regret’ With Christopher Cantwell.
  • Charlie Warzel @ BuzzFeed: How The Alt-Right Manipulates The Internet’s Biggest Commenting Platform.
  • Kyla Mandel @ Think Progress: Letter reveals Scott Pruitt likely broke federal law by having top aide do his personal errands.