Right Wing Round-Up: Dissolve the NRA

  • Tim Mak @ NPR: New York Attorney General Moves To Dissolve The NRA After Fraud Investigation.
  • Tarpley Hitt @ The Daily Beast: Inside ‘Out of Shadows’: The Bonkers Hollywood-Pedophilia ‘Documentary’ QAnon Loves.
  • Ali Breland @ Mother Jones: A California State Senator Introduced a Bill Pushing LGBTQ Equality—and a QAnon Mob Came for Him.
  • Media Matters: On Fox & Friends, Rudy Giuliani calls Black Lives Matter “terrorist” “killers” who “hate white people … white men in particular.”
  • Oliver Willis @ The American Independent: Trump claims Biden will somehow ‘hurt the Bible, hurt God’ if elected.
  • Charlie Nash @ Mediaite: Trump Lawyer Blames ‘Liberalism’ For Michelle Obama’s Depression: She Should ‘Go to Church and Find Meaning in the Lord Jesus Christ.’
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Hate-Pastor: Sorry, Dunkin’, I Shouldn’t Have Said I’d Kick a Man’s Teeth In.