Right Wing Round-Up: Cropped Out

  • Charisma Madarang @ Rolling Stone: Epoch Times Executive Charged in Alleged $67 Million Money Laundering Scheme
  • Weidong Guan, the CFO of the right-wing outlet, was accused of funneling illicit funds into his own personal bank and crypto accounts.

  • Zachary Leeman @ Mediaite: ‘This is a War!’ Tommy Tuberville Tells Newsmax Americans ‘Need to Wake Up’ After Trump Conviction
  • Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) declared “war” over Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony charges, telling Newsmax the American people and some of his Republican colleagues need to “wake up.”

  • Marlon Ettinger @ The Daily Dot: Nick Fuentes mocked for Alex Jones tribute that edited out Ali Alexander
  • White nationalist streamer Nick Fuentes jumped to Alex Jones’ defense on X over the weekend after Jones claimed in a broadcast on Infowars that federal agents were going to try to shut down his show and lock him out of his studio in the coming days. But eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the photos Fuentes posted had been cropped to exclude a one-time key ally of Fuentes, whose reputation has taken a beating over allegations of inappropriate sexual solicitation of minors: Ali Alexander.

  • Angry White Men: White Supremacist Nick Fuentes Gets Warm Welcome On Right-Wing ‘Hodgetwins’ Podcast
  • In a May 31 post on X (formerly Twitter), right-wing Internet personalities Kevin and Keith Hodge released a softball interview with white supremacist Nick Fuentes. During the interview, the Hodges allowed Fuentes to deny being a white supremacist, and appeared receptive to his racist and antisemitic conspiracies.

  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: ‘Get the demons out’: Marjorie Taylor Greene demands ‘exorcism’ of Mike Johnson
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) demanded that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) shut down the federal government until the state of New York overturns former President Donald Trump’s conviction.

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