Right Wing Round-Up: Christian Nationalist Schools

  • Michelle Goldberg @ The New York Times: In Indiana, the MAGA Revolution Eats Its Own
  • After the Republican convention this weekend, the influential conservative lawyer James Bopp Jr. wrote, in a confidential memo obtained by Politico’s Adam Wren, that there’s a “serious threat” to the party’s nominee for governor, Senator Mike Braun. That threat is Micah Beckwith, a Pentecostal pastor, podcaster and self-described Christian nationalist who was just chosen, despite Braun’s wishes, to be his running mate.

  • Lucian K. Truscott IV @ Salon: How a semi-secret right-wing media empire is blanketing America with lies
  • By conquering local TV and spewing relentless pro-Trump propaganda, Sinclair is winning a war no one noticed.

  • Tricia Crimmins @ The Daily Dot: A far-right streamer tried to sic the cops on a queer dad influencer—it backfired
  • Far-right media personality Stew Peters took down videos in which he claimed a gay influencer sexually abused his own children and suggested that the New York Police Department investigate him for sex crimes.

  • William Vaillancourt @ The Daily Beast: MAGA Influencers Spread Fake SCOTUS Barricade Videos Before Trump Ruling
  • Several right-wing accounts on X pushed a false narrative Monday that barricades had been installed around the Supreme Court ahead of its ruling regarding former President Donald Trump’s sweeping claims of immunity from criminal prosecution.

  • Anna Merlan @ Wired: Alex Jones Is Now Trying to Divert Money to His Father’s Supplements Business
  • A Texas bankruptcy court judge brought Infowars back from the brink of death on Friday, a surprising ruling which conspiracy kingpin Alex Jones attempted to use to—naturally—make more money. This time, Jones is promoting a supplement company owned by his father.

  • Kiera Butler @ Mother Jones: Christian Nationalists Are Opening Private Schools. Taxpayers Are Funding Them
  • Dream City Christian Academy is one of a growing number of religious schools that are supported by public funds.

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