Right Wing Round-Up: Bloodless, For Now

  • Jack Jenkins @ Religion News Service: The Washington insiders helping Sean Feucht spread Christian nationalism in Congress
  • While Feucht often frames himself as a Washington outsider, arguably his most powerful ally is a figure who hovered along the edge of his Rotunda concert, hands raised in prayer: a Republican strategist named Timothy Teepell.

  • Heath Druzin @ Idaho Capital Sun: New Extremely American podcast tackles Christian nationalism through story of an Idaho town
  • A fundamentalist congregation called Christ Church wants to make Moscow an explicitly Christian city, governed by Biblical principles. To accomplish this, they and their allies are buying up big swaths of real estate and opening businesses to increase their footprint and economic might.

  • James O’Rourke @ Colorado Times Recorder: After Passing Laws Banning Abortion, Christian Nationalists Turn Same Strategies to Outlawing LGBTQ Content in Schools
  • Janet Porter’s latest project, titled “The Child Protection Bill,” attempts to capitalize on the success of the legislative mechanism made infamous by Texas’ 2021 heartbeat bill, which bans abortion after six weeks – before many women are aware of their pregnancy.

  • Michael Luciano @ Mediaite: Conservative Leader Issues Cryptic Threat to Liberals, Says ‘Second American Revolution’ Will Be ‘Bloodless If the Left Allows It to Be’
  • The leader of the Heritage Foundation issued an unhinged declaration on Tuesday, telling liberals that they are currently on the business end of “the second American Revolution,” which could turn bloody if they resist.

  • Ed Mazza @ HuffPost: Marjorie Taylor Greene Botches Basic American History In Most Humiliating Way
  • Conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) tried to celebrate American history over the Independence Day weekend ― but got schooled by critics after she botched some basic details.

  • Olivia Little @ Media Matters: Indiana’s lieutenant prophet
  • Indiana’s GOP lieutenant governor nominee has spent years livestreaming his so-called prophecies and wild political ramblings.

  • Paul Myers, Olga Robinson, Shayan Sardarizadeh and Mike Wendling @ BBC: A Bugatti car, a first lady and the fake stories aimed at Americans
  • A network of Russia-based websites masquerading as local American newspapers is pumping out fake stories as part of an AI-powered operation that is increasingly targeting the US election, a BBC investigation can reveal.

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