Right Wing Round-Up: A Youth Gathering For Old Folks

  • Stephanie Mencimer @ Mother Jones: MAGA Youth Activist Charlie Kirk’s Big Conservative Shindig Is Full of Old Folks
  • Judging from the first two days of the event, it would be hard to call this a youth movement. Saturday morning, I attended a breakout session headlined by voter registration activist Scott Presler. There were about 50 or 60 people in the room, virtually all well over 40. When Presler opened the floor for a Q&A, the first questioner said he was 77 years old.

  • Tricia Crimmins @ The Daily Dot: ‘Who says romance is dead?’: Right-wing influencers launch campaign to ‘outbreed the left’
  • Far-right figures Chaya Raichik and Charlie Kirk both said they plan to “outbreed the left” this week by having more children than liberals and raising them to have right-wing views.

  • Amanda Marcotte @ Salon: A tradwife drops a racist slur: Why the right’s trolling economy made Lilly Gaddis’ rise inevitable
  • Cashing in as a “cancel culture” martyr is getting harder, so attention addicts have to get more extreme.

  • Kathleen Culliton and David Edwards @ Raw Story: ‘It’s God’s plan’: Mike Lindell intends to ‘deputize’ Trump voters for Election Day
  • MyPillow CEO and election-denier Mike Lindell told conservatives this weekend he was going to deputize them as part of “God’s plan” for former President Donald Trump’s Election Day victory.

  • Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: Trump-backed House candidate Mark Burns: A wife should be “submissive” and “obey”
  • Burns made the remarks on a show hosted by Jesse Lee Peterson, who has repeatedly said allowing women to vote was a mistake.

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