Right Wing Round-Up: A Massive Power Grab

  • Kyle Cheney and Josh Gerstein @ Politico: Steve Bannon to report to prison Monday after Supreme Court declines to give him a reprieve
  • The decision means the influential right-wing podcaster will head to prison on July 1, with his release date just days before the November election.

  • Kate Riga @ Talking Points Memo: Supreme Court Executes Massive Power Grab From Executive Branch In New Ruling
  • The Supreme Court overruled a key pillar of federal agency authority Friday, appropriating a massive amount of executive branch power to itself.

  • Rachel Olding @ The Daily Beast: Supreme Court Upends Hundreds of Capitol Riot Cases
  • In a ruling that will have implications for one of Donald Trump’s criminal cases, the high court ruled that the feds must narrow their use of obstruction charges.

  • Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling @ The New Republic: Trump Proudly Brags About Rollback of Abortion Rights in Biden Debate
  • Donald Trump proudly took responsibility for the overturning of Roe v. Wade during the first presidential debate on Thursday, rewriting history as though he had accommodated the majority of Americans in choosing to do so.

  • Carl Gibson @ AlterNet: CO GOP chair who said he wanted to ‘burn all the Pride flags’ loses congressional primary
  • While June is typically celebrated as LGBTQ+ Pride month, Colorado Republican Party chairman Dave Williams has spent the last several weeks bashing the LGBTQ+ community. And on Tuesday night, Centennial State Republicans handed him a major loss.

  • Angry White Men: Joel Webbon Prays With Holocaust Denier For Israel To ‘Repent’ Of Its ‘Perversion’
  • Yesterday, Christian nationalist pastor Joel Webbon appeared on the show of Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer Stew Peters. During the interview, Webbon claimed that no religion has a “more hostile view towards the person and work of Jesus Christ” than “talmudic Judaism.” Webbon also said a prayer for Israel to “repent” of its “perversion.”

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