Right Wing Round-Up – 9/4/12

  • PFAW: Democratic Party Platform Stands Up for Democracy, Supports Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United.
  • Alex Alvarez @ Mediaite: Tea Party Express Chair: I Don’t Believe Obama Loves The Country The Way We Do.
  • Media Matters: AP Debunks Daily Caller Op-Ed Warning Of Obama Plot To Kill All Americans.
  • Zeke Miller @ BuzzFeed: North Dakota Senate Candidate Voted To Make Abortion In Case Of Rape, Incest Carry Life Sentence.
  • Michelangelo Signorile @ Huffington Post: Bryan Fischer Connects Gay Men And Pedophilia, Lesbians And Breast Cancer.
  • Warren Throckmorton: David Barton’s U.S. Capitol Tour: Did Congress Print the First Bible in English for the Use of Schools?

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