Right Wing Round-Up – 8/17/12

  • Andrew Kirell @ Mediaite: Guitarist Tom Morello Trashes Ryan: ‘Embodiment Of The Machine Our Music Rages Against.’
  • Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: End-Times Thriller Author Published By Glenn Beck’s Mercury Ink Elected to Congress.
  • Truth Wins Out: Former Michigan Attorney Ordered to Pay $4.5M in Damages for Harassing Gay Student.
  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Missing the Medicare forest for the trees.
  • Jeremy Hooper: Mike Heath defends Perkins, FRC by getting a concealed gun, framing gays as violent, predicting ‘force must be met with force.’
  • Joe.My.God: FRC President Tony Perkins Supported Former KKK Leader David Duke And Louisiana’s White Supremacists.

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