Right Wing Round-Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • In yesterday’s round-up, we pointed to Media Matters catching Fox News passing off a GOP press release as its own research – typos and all. Fox News has now apologized – but only for the typo.
  • Sarah Posner reports that those attending the National Religious Broadcasters Convention are terrified because “the proclamation of the Gospel is now opposed at every quarter.”
  • Orcinus has a good post on the man who killed two people at a Unitarian church last years, and who admits that who he really “wanted to kill was every Democrat in the Senate & House, [and] the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg’s book.”
  • Slog has some opinions on the AFA’s “Speechless: Silencing the Christians” program, while Edge Boston reports that the Grand Rapids, Michigan TV station that had planned on running it is apparently having second thoughts.
  • Box Turtle Bulletin reports that the Mormon Republican Governor of Utah has come out in support of civil unions.
  • The Colorado Independent reports that “Focus on the Family gave $727,250 in cash and services to the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 campaign in California, according to records released by the California secretary of state, including a $100,000 check in late October, just days before the evangelical media empire announced it planned to lay off nearly 20 percent of its employees.”
  • Finally, Politico reports on the Right’s continuing hyperventilation over the Fairness Doctrine, explaining that “no member of Congress has scheduled hearings, there is no Fairness Doctrine legislation being introduced, and the long-dormant broadcast law is likely to stay that way … [b]ut for even the casual listener of conservative talk radio this past week, it would be assumed that federal agents were already en route, pulling radios out of cars or snapping antennas.”