Right Wing Round-Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • Dan Savage dismembers an absurd claim from Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder that movies with “anti-communist” content are raking in big bucks from American audiences.
  • Remember last week with the American Family Association was throwing a fit because a television station in Michigan refused to air its “Speechless” program.  Guess what?  Tips-Q reports the AFA head Don Wildmon just happens to be releasing a new book by the same title.   Purely coincidental, I am sure.
  • Good as You uncovers something I bet you probably didn’t know about anti-gay marriage zealot Matt Barber.
  • Steve Benen continues to make a convincing case that Rep. Michelle Bachmann deserves the title of single most ridiculous member of Congress.
  • Bill Berkowitz provides another good round-up for Religious Right opposition to a variety of President Obama’s nominees.