Right Wing Round-Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • If you thought Utah Sen. Chris Buttars’ statements were outrageous, check out this post from Good as You on the statements made by Paul Mero of the Sutherland Institute during a debate on gay rights at the University of Utah.
  • Pam’s House Blend reports that an anti-gay member of the Allegheny [PA] County Council has been arrested on more than 20 counts of bilking a 90 year old widow whose $14.5 million trust fund he was paid to administer.
  • Steve Benen makes several good points regarding The American Issues Project’s new ad saying that if you spent $1 million a day since the day Jesus was born, you would still have spent less money than Congress just did with the stimulus bill.
  • RH Reality Check explains that the anti-choice factions who are working against Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius’s potential nomination to be HHS Secretary are driven, in part, by her recruitment of a Democratic challenger to knock off rabidly anti-choice Attorney General Phill Kline.