Right Wing Round-Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • Pam slaps down Donald Douglas absurd claim that nobody has been comparing gay marriage to bestiality.  And speaking of Pam, she was also profiled in the Washington Post today, so check it out.
  • Andrew Sullivan asks a good question: if Michael Steele is the face of Republican moderation, “what would the face of extremism look like?”
  • Republican Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, who has been suggesting that he might reject some of the money slated for his state in the economic recovery bill, was confronted by a caller from his state who said they needed to money, to which all Sanford could offer was his prayers.
  • AU debunks Bill Keller’s absurd claims that he was not trying to influence the election with his attacks on Mitt Romney.
  • Bill Berkowitz exposes “The Most Influential (and Self-Promotional) Christian Zionist You’ve Never Heard Of.”
  • The Box Turtle Bulletin reports that “A Uganda-based anti-gay group has announced that American Nazi revisionist and anti-gay extremist Scott Lively will appear at a three day conference in Kampala, Uganda beginning on March 5th.”
  • Marc Fisher profiles Bob McDonnell, Virginia’s Republican Attorney General who hopes to become its next governor. Despite the fact that McDonnell graduated from Pat Robertson’s Regent Law School, he “is positioning himself as a moderate who shares the growing popular disenchantment with the GOP.”
  • Finally, Dan Gilgoff wonders if Bobby Jindal is starting to become a victim of the same sorts of “secret Muslim” claims that plagued Barack Obama.