Right Wing Round-Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • Was Rick Santelli’s televised rant part of some right-wing astroturf plot?
  • Niger Innis takes his bogus “stop the war on the poor” campaign to CPAC where, Media Matters reports, he declared that today’s environmentalists are the same as racists who desire to keep minorities from getting an equal opportunity.
  • Mother Jones notes that Mitt Romney wowed the CPAC audience: “”[T]he crowd loved him. It felt a little like a campaign rally. If Romney runs for president in 2012, this will be his base.” It also explains why he won the CPAC straw poll.
  • David Neiwert says that CPAC’s popularity contests tell us a lot about the current state of the Right.
  • Slate hung out with Grover Norquist at CPAC where he unleashed a stream of metaphors “designed to advertise [conservative ideas that] have never been more out of fashion. It’s as if he’s trying to sell beepers to a nation of iPhones.”
  • Pam reports that other members of the Utah Senate are defending Sen. Chris Buttars, saying that the “people in Utah agree with 90 percent of what he said.”