Right Wing Round-Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • RH Reality Check reports that, with a Democratic President, family planning clinics are bracing for an uptick in violence.
  • FishbowlDC notes that the Family Research Council is targeting Chris Matthews for wondering if Gov. Kathleen Sebelius can withstand the “verbal terrorism” of the anti-choice movement.
  • Speaking of which, John Aravosis wonders why the religious right feels free to compare gays and the Supreme Court to terrorists, but then gets upset when they’re compared to terrorists.
  • Good as You takes on the absurd notion that the Human Right Campaign is targeting Mormons.
  • Box Turtle Bulletin says that, if you are gay and planning a vacation, you might want to consider avoiding Jamaica.
  • Religion Dispatches discovers Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins debating if Barack Obama is the Antichrist or merely a pre-cursor to the Antichrist.
  • Crooks and Liars has the video and transcript of D.L. Hughley’s interview with Frank Schaeffer:
  • [T]he fact of the matter is, I think we have come through a very, very bad time and unfortunately, I’m sorry to say, my dad and I, when I was a young man and he in his career had a lot to do with it. Because we were the people, who along with others like James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and the others, we put all of this crap in place. And now the reason I wrote “Crazy for God” is because the title is literally that if awe approach God in a certain way, it will drive you crazy. And this has been a period of craziness.