Right Wing Round-Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • Christy Hardin Smith has some solid advice for President Obama as he begins the process of making nominations to the federal courts: “The nation’s legal system was pushed to the brink the last few years. Please put integrity at the top of the wish list, with real world knowledge of the law and the ins and outs of the system. Those of us who have been fighting for a more perfect union the last few years are ready to go to the mat with you for better legal nominees. Please make certain you find some.”
  • Adam Serwer makes a good point: “Honestly my real concern is that if [Michael] Steele doesn’t make it, conservatives, who don’t actually believe ‘conservatism’ can fail but only be failed, will conclude that reaching out to minorities was a ‘gimmick’ and give up on doing so entirely.”
  • Hilzoy notes that the people who are talking of “Going Galt” don’t really seem to understand what it was all about or entails.  On a related note, David Neiwert posts a funny clip from Stephen Colbert discussing the whole “Going Galt” idea.
  • Finally, when the Phelps Clan descended on the University of Chicago, the members of the Alpha Delta Phi University came out to welcome them: