Right Wing Round-Up

  • Pam notes that Merriam-Webster has changed its definition for the word “marriage” and the Right is livid, while M-W explains that it is simply trying to provide a definition that is accurate of how the word is currently used.
  • Crook and Liars posted a video of Laura Ingraham saying that she “never called Meghan McCain fat,” even though she did and is now trying to blame the whole thing on “the Obama attack dogs.”
  • Sarah Posner writes that evangelical missions aimed at teens, like Teen Mania, are selling them a “deeply conservative and traditional view of world, including militant opposition to abortion and homosexuality and an emphasis on sexual purity.”
  • Tips-Q has coined an excellent new term: “Throwing a Porter,” which is defined as a “hyperbolic right wing conspiracy theory – possibly with an evangelical theme – that meets the Janet Folger Porter standard.”
  • Finally, Bill Berkowitz reports that John Hagee plans to deliver something called “The Israel Pledge” to elected leaders in Washington, D.C. when he arrives in the nation’s capital next week.