Right Wing Round-Up

  • David Neiwert reports that Bernie Goldberg doesn’t trust dictionaries because they have a liberal bias.
  • Something tells me that the Media Research Center is wishing it hadn’t asked Joe the Plumber to accept an award at its 2009 gala.
  • Media Matters catches Tammy Bruce calling the Obama’s “trash” on Laura Ingraham’s radio show.
  • Pam says that Michael Steele doesn’t seem to understand what the First Amendment is all about.
  • Truth Wins Out reports that Robert Knight has landed at Coral Ridge Ministries, where he is already having a “deleterious influence.”
  • Will Michelle Bachmann ever stop embarrassing herself?  Will Sarah Palin?
  • A lot of people wrote about Assemblyman Jim Tedisco obligatory apology to Rush Limbaugh, but I’m liking to this post about it at Firedoglake because it had a brilliant title.
  • Bill O’Reilly and crew remain as classy as ever and are now stalking bloggers at Think Progress who are on vacation.
  • Finally, AU has a good post about the Family Research Council’s response to the Obama administration’s decision to endorse a UN Declaration on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. FRC says the US should have instead stood with the 58 countries who issued a counter-statement to the UN declaration – among those on that list are Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Libya, Zimbabwe , Sudan, and Iraq.