Right Wing Round-Up

  • AU’s Rob Boston is not impressed by Newt Gingrich’s new attempt to refashion himself as a moral leader who can renew America, saying “it looks to me like he’s ready to play the Religious Right for saps once again. Will its leaders and members fall for it this time? Probably.”
  • John Hagee delivered a petition signed by more than “100,000 American Christians” in support of Israel to Capitol Hill, where he met with Rep. Shelley Berkley (D- IN) and Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ).
  • Andrew Sullivan points to a new study debunking the stereotype that gays are wealthier than other Americans.
  • Media Matters catches Dick Morris floating a rather convoluted conspiracy theory.
  • Amanda Terkel succinctly explains the blindsiding she received at the hands of Bill O’Reilly and his crew: “I write a blog post highlighting comments O’Reilly made during his radio show. He sends his henchmen to harass me. I can’t immediately recall a three-year old O’Reilly interview when accosted on the street. He refuses to explain or apologize for implying that a dead rape victim should have been expecting the crime. And I’m the villain.” She’ll be on Olbermann tonight to disucss it.