Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters notes that, in all fairness, Newt Gingrich is entitled to present himself as a guardian of Catholic values because he’s “only been divorced twice so far.”
  • Speaking of which, Catholics United has responded to the outcry over President Obama’s invitation to Notre Dame by calling on “Former Speaker Gingrich and the Cardinal Newman Society to refrain from selectively applying the Catholic faith in service of their partisan agendas.”
  • The SPLC reports that Scott Lively will be addressing the Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly, a local chapter of the conservative GOP activist group California Republican Assembly.
  • Pam and Good as You note notes that the AFA seemingly has nothing better to do than harass Pepsico.
  • Tips-Q points out that the Christian Coalition is encouraging Senators to sponsor a Resolution sponsored by Senator Jim Inhofe honoring the life of Paul Weyrich.
  • Bill Berkowitz has a good round-up of right-wing news.
  • Sarah Posner says that the new Newt Gingrich effort is not so new after all, because “he’s pitching the same-old, same-old as a reinvented phoenix of a flailing conservative movement.”
  • Tom Driscoll makes a good point regarding the Right’s assertion that David Hamilton was rated “unqualified” by the ABA when he was first nominated to the bench back in 1994: “When someone’s level of experience was questioned 15 years ago does it really make sense to cite the same question today? Doesn’t the ensuing 15 years actually serving as a justice count for some amount of experience?”
  • Finally, Andrew Sullivan highlights a rather remarkable press release off of Christian Newswire.