Right Wing Round-Up

  • Just how instrumental was Fox News in promoting yesterday’s tea parties?  As Media Matters points out, it was a key factor – and they have dozens of articles reporting that Fox News and its hosts helped influence, start, or turn out participants to prove it. As such, Media Matters is now calling on Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace to come clean about the network’s role.
  • Sarah Posner points to a member of Obama’s advisory council to the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships declaring that protecting traditional marriage ought to be at the center of the agenda of every pastor in America.
  • The Minnesota Independent catches Rep. Michelle Bachmann spreading more falsehoods.
  • The Box Turtle Bulletin chronicles the saga around the Illinois Family Institute’s anti-Day of Silence video.
  • As Steve Benen says, “Republican primaries can make conservatives do some awfully strange things,” leading to a situation in which “according to the elected chief executive of one of the nation’s largest states, secession is on the table.”
  • Andrew Sullivan declares this column discovered by John Cole to be “the single dumbest political opinion piece on the internet.”