Right Wing Round-Up

  • Nate Silver wonders why Mike Huckabee doesn’t get more respect.
  • Andrew Sullivan says that Ed Whelan was involved, during his time in the Bush Administration, in discussions of torture, but Whelan denies it, calling it a vicious lie. [UPDATE: See this post regarding the EPPC’s demand that we prominently note Sullivan’s retraction.]
  • Ed Brayton points out that David Hamilton’s decision in Hinrichs v Bosma says the exact opposite of what right-wing groups like the Traditional Values Coalition are claiming it says.
  • Matthew Yglesias tears apart Liz Cheney claim that waterboarding is not torture.
  • When Michael Steele canceled his speaking engagement with the Religious Action Center earlier this week, he cited an “urgent family commitment.” As Ben Smith points out that that was not necessarily the case.
  • AU points out that Gordon Klingenschmitt has now changed his website after they pointed out that he might have been violating the law by presenting himself as an active-duty member of the armed services.
  • John McCain is claiming that the author of the “controversial” DHS report has been fired, but Think Progress checked and found out that its not true.