Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters looks back at the media’s coverage of the Obama administration’s first 100 days.
  • Think Progress offers its own look back at the period during which “the conservative movement has undergone a period of radicalization.”
  • Media Matters catches Rep. Virginia Foxx falsely claiming that Matthew Shepard’s murder had nothing to do with the fact that he was gay, calling it a “hoax,” while Think Progress provides a collection of other right-wing hysterics in the House during the hate crimes debate.
  • Glenn Greenwald also weighs in on Foxx, noting that she approvingly quoted him in voicing her opposition to the legislation.  But, as Greenwald points out, he was writing about hate speech laws, not hate crimes legislation.
  • Steve Benen notes that Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has been disinvited to address a gathering of GOP activists in Michigan because of his support for civil unions.
  • Good as You takes on Focus on the Family and sets the record straight on Focus’s claim that the San Francisco Unified School District “now has an entire division dedicated to promoting homosexuality.”