Right Wing Round-Up

  • Pam reports that Rep. Virginia Foxx is now trying to walk back from her claim that the murder to Matthew Shepard was a “hoax.”
  • The Box Turtle Bulletin has a good analysis of Carrie Prejean, her views, and her role as a martyr for the Religious Right.
  • Good as You has the audio of Prejean’s appearance on Matt Barber and Mat Staver’s radio program (also, Jeremy has always had a fondness for puns and plays on words, and this post was exceptionally clever.)
  • Publius predicts that Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s stock will rise as the GOP’s fortunes grow dimmer and they eventually need to recover from the descent into crazy base land.
  • Steve Benen notes that, in the latest effort to re-brand the GOP, there is no mention of culture war issues and says it looks like the Republican Party is trying to throw social conservatives under the bus and asks them if they are “going to take this lying down?”