Right Wing Round-Up

  • The Senate Guru takes a look back the disastrous first 100 days of Michael Steele’s tenure as Chairman of the RNC.
  • Dan Gilgoff says that Carrie Prejean might not be the best spokesperson for the anti-marriage effort considering that she “can’t answer basic questions about whether she supports gay civil unions or gay adoption.”
  • Scott_NC over at Pam’s notes that “over that 3 year period of time, people donated $1,025,894 [to the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy] – and Maggie [Gallagher] put $345,333 (33%) straight into her own pocketbook.”
  • Joseph DiNorcia Jr, of SIECUS says Tony Perkins and Wendy Wright have “forfeited their credibility and any claim they once had to being part of the debate” due to their claims that the timing of the swine flu was designed to help confirm Kathleen Sebelius.
  • As BarbinMD says, you know that the world has turned on its axis when you have a “conservative, southern senator, admitting that his entire party is tainted and calling half of his fellow-conservatives ridiculous.”
  • Good as You posts some “highlights” from the recent right-wing anti-hate crimes press conference.
  • Finally, Tips-Q catches the Alliance Defense Fund going through a lot of trouble to cover up the simple fact that they made a typo, though ADF has now admitted as much and corrected it.