Right Wing Round-Up

  • Steve Benen congratulates one of the few conservatives who have the courage to at least suggest that perhaps Rush Limbaugh is not the face the Republican Party needs if it ever hopes to regain its relevance.
  • Sarah Posner smartly points out that “only 33 percent of white evangelicals thought it was proper for Obama to speak at [Notre Dame] — that’s about half of those who think torture can be justified.”
  • Good As You got Focus on the Family to admit that the claims in the Cornerstone poll are “not accurate.”
  • Finally, several things from Media Matters: Glen Beck suggesting that ACORN may kill him for his coverage of them; a good collection of conservative media figures saying that marriage equality will lead to “triads,” interspecies marriage, and pedophilia; and Pat Robertson saying he’ll support marriage equality “when two men get together and make a baby”