Right Wing Round-Up

  • First off, our congratulations to Jeremy and his beloved while, in business news, he notes that Exodus International has finally given up the charade that there are “30+ sexual orientations.”
  • To say that Steve Benen is not impressed by Govs. Rick Perry and Mark Sanford and their Tea Party II (Electric Boogaloo) efforts would be a bit of an understatement.
  • Speaking of Sanford, Jed Lewison notes that he is now coming under attack from fellow Republicans for refusing to spend stimulus money on rebuilding the state’s crumbling schools.
  • Pam points out that Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte has quietly signed on to a measure in Congress that would require presidential candidates to verify their eligibility to be President.
  • Media Matters has video of Randall Terry saying Notre Dame’s decision to invite Obama “would be like inviting Pilate to speak after he ordered Jesus to be crucified.”