Right Wing Round-Up

  • As Eric Boehlert asks, who cares what Newt Gingrich thinks?
  • Greg Sargent answers that question, pointing out that the National Council for a New America does.
  • Pam reports that Peter LaBarbera is already fulminating against the Fulsom Street Fair.
  • Dave Neiwert says Ann Coulter doesn’t do well when challenged directly.
  • Steve Benen comments on Michael Steele’s speech today positioning the GOP as the party of new ideas, observing that until they come up with some, they are apparently just going to stick with “socialism, handshake, 9/11.”
  • Jonathan Chait wonders if the Republicans have any contingency plans in place in case their anti-Obama crusade doesn’t pan out politically.
  • Finally, Jeremy observes that even legally recognized gay marriages are still “counterfeit” to the Alliance Defense Fund.