Right Wing Round-Up

  • It’s no wonder that Bill O’Reilly hates Media Matters – after all, they keep catching him lying.
  • Steve Benen comments on the straight party-line vote on David Hamilton in the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying “there’s no real reward for nominating moderates. If the president selects obvious centrists” so “Obama might as well pick the best available people for the federal bench, without regard for the GOP reaction, because it’s likely to be the same, no matter who he chooses.”
  • Crooks and Liars posts video of Manuel Miranda and Andrea Lafferty having some trouble explaining their call for a filibuster against Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Think Progress reports that Rep. Lamar Smith has launched the Media Fairness Caucus aiming “to fight liberal media bias.”
  • Jeremy wants to know why GOProud signed onto the anti-Sotomayor letter along with a bunch of the right-wing’s most anti-gay zealots. I’d suggest its because GOPround isn’t really interested in gay rights anyway.