Right Wing Round-Up

  • As Think Progress notes, there is something fitting about the fact that Pat Buchanan and other English-only advocates hosted a conference beneath a banner upon which the word “conference” was misspelled.
  • Think Progress also reports that when Sonia Sotomayor was ten minutes late to a meeting with Sen. Bob Corker due to recent injury, he bailed because he didn’t feel like waiting around for her.
  • David Neiwert posts some insights from Chip Berlet into “the roots of right-wing conspiracism and the violence it engenders.”
  • David Hart reports that the Associated Press is enforcing its terms of service which preclude OneNewsNow from altering AP content.
  • Joe Conason says that the “scandal” involving the firing of Gerald Walpin is as phony as Whitewater.
  • TPM wants to know if “The Family” knew about Sen. John Ensign’s affair and try to keep it a secret.
  • Finally, like Steve Benen I’m curious to know just where South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has gone.