Right Wing Round-Up

  • Jim DeMint continues his crusade to establish himself as the most ridiculous member of the Senate by proclaiming that the coup that removed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s from office was no different “than was Gerald Ford’s ascendence to the Oval Office or our newest colleague Al Franken’s election to the Senate” and that the United States is currently “about where Germany was before World War II where they became a social democracy.”
  • The details of Sen. John Ensign’s affair and attempted cover-up are looking worse by the day.
  • Good As You catches the Family Research Council trying to spin a new poll so that it seemed that same-sex marriage was destroying New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch’s approval rating.
  • Kathleen Reeves of RH Reality Check explains that while Jill Stanek wants to end abortion, she’s not at all interested in finding ways to reduce unplanned pregnancies so as to eliminate the need for abortion.
  • Crooks and Liars reports that Fox and Friends got itself all worked up over something it read off the Christian Newswire and then predictably set out to turn it into a “controversy” by reporting only the religious right’s spin of the event.
  • Finally, a group of 25 leading Latino organizations sent a letter to Sen. Jeff Sessions slamming his questionable attacks on LatinoJustice PRLDEF and Sonia Sotomayor while Ian Millhiser explains how several anti-gay groups are attacking Judge Sotomayor for her decision in a case brought by an anti-gay pastor — even though Sotomayor ruled in the pastor’s favor.