Right Wing Round-Up

  • Matthew Yglesias explains that “conservatives love activist judges – they just prefer when they advance the interests of white people.”
  • Think Progress: Glenn Beck complains about softball questions to Sotomayor on day that no questions were asked.
  • Media Matters provides an updated list of the myths and falsehoods surrounding the Sotomayor nomination.
  • Talking Points Memos looks at emails showing how conservative media outlets initially dismissed the Mark Sanford story and offered to help him and his staff spin it.
  • Hilzoy is retiring from blogging. Our loss.
  • Jeremy is unmoved by MassResistance’s allegation that Google is “blocking” its blog.
  • Finally, Pat Robertson declares that he won’t shed a tear if the “Episcopal Church of America just quietly goes out of business” due to its support for gay rights: