Right Wing Round-Up

  • Glenn Beck stands by his assertion that President Obama is a racist.  And I stand by my assertion that Glenn Beck is a joke.
  • Hal Turner: FBI informant?  Apparently.
  • Alvin McEwen continues to explain how religious right groups distort legitimate research to demonize the gay community.
  • Box Turtle Bulletin: Matt Barber is not exactly an intellectual giant, but sometimes he’s so illogical and ridiculous that you just have to laugh.
  • The Louisiana Democratic Party’s spokesman responds to Sen. David Vitter’s comment that it is Southern senators who are keeping the GOP committed to “core conservative value”: “Last time I checked, you don’t find core Southern values in the places David Vitter has been found. If David Vitter can lead his party back to their conservative values, maybe Larry Craig can give them tips on bathroom etiquette and Mark Sanford can recommend a really good restaurant in Buenos Aires.”
  • Sarah Posner: A rabbi, Tony Perkins, and Maggie Gallagher walk into a bar …
  • Finally, even Bill O’Reilly and Michael Steele are getting tired of the Birthers’ absurd crusade.