Right Wing Round-Up

  • Think Progress: Former Rep. Tom Tancredo claimed that President Obama’s appointment of “Sonia Mayer” could serve as an indication that he is a racist.
  • It seems likely that Justin Barret’s days as a Boston police office will soon be coming to an end after he sent an email to the Boston Globe calling Professor Henry Gates a “jungle monkey.”
  • On a semi-related note, If Sean Hannity is going to bring people onto this show to discuss whether President Obama has “alienated police” because of his recent comments on the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, he should probably find someone who is not Mark Fuhrman.
  • What a deal: For a mere $100, Grasstops USA will send a fax with your name on it to Obama and all 535 members of Congress, at which point it will go directly into their recycling bins.
  • Guess what?  Feminists don’t hate men … but anti-feminists do.
  • Finally, Barack Obama is, in fact, the Antichrist.  Jesus said so.