Right Wing Round-Up

  • Orly Taitz says “You know I never ran for office, but I would not exclude this as a possibility.” If she does, I will immediately demand to see proof of her eligibility.
  • Joe.My.God has video of Harry Jackson at the recent “Genocide is not Health Care” press conference.
  • After calling high-speed rail projects “wasteful spending,” Gov. Bobby Jindal is now asking the federal government for $300 million to build one in Louisiana.
  • SPLC: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps president Carmen Mercer has been called out by her state’s chief prosecutor for allegedly participating in a mail fraud conspiracy.
  • Greg Sargent: A new poll that finds a majority of Republicans believe the health care reform bill will force old people to decide in advance how and when they meet their maker.
  • Finally, check out the cover of Glenn Beck’s forthcoming book: