Right Wing Round-Up

  • The Washington Post got its hands on Robert McDonnell’s master’s thesis from Regent University and TPM posts some of the highlights.
  • Alan Colmes: George Roeder has pleaded “not guilty” in the killing of abortion provider George Tiller, and has told the AP that the killing was justified to “save the lives of the unborn.”
  • Bill Berkowitz takes a look at the new right-wing supergroup, The Freedom Federation.
  • Bill Donohue warns that “militant, dogmatic” atheists are “out to get” Catholics and dismantle American society.
  • Finally, various pieces of NOM-related news: Justin McLachlan examines the organization’s 2007 990 tax form; authorities in Iowa are questioning the group over potential violations of campaign finance laws; the organization is positively giddy over the Washington Post puff piece last week; and Jamison Foser adds several important details that were left out of that article.