Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters calls for accountability following omissions during Fox News’ ACORN reports.
  • Salon: Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck’s life.
  • RH Reality Check: Egg-as-Person State Law Campaigns Attract New Faces, Old Radicals.
  • David Weigel reports on the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” event.
  • Good As You has the audio of Tony Perkins speaking at Bangor Baptist Church in Maine following the right wing anti-marriage rally in the state last weekend.
  • Rep. Steve King is defending his colleague Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), by claiming that  “the President threw the first punch.”
  • Finally, Orly Taitz gets laughed out of court, which only proves, of course, that the judge is a tool of Obama. Also, someone even crazier than Taitz is accusing her of trying to get him to give false testimony for one of her Birther lawsuits.