Right Wing Round-Up

  • Think Progress: Rep. Steve King Says Same-Sex Marriage Is “A Purely Socialist Concept.”
  • Sarah Posner: Judging by this past weekend’s marquee event on the conservative calendar, the center of gravity is moving from religious right to Tea Partiers, from homosexuality to taxes. A closer look, however, reveals the growing symbiosis between the two.
  • Wonk Room: Anti-Immigrant Group Bashes ‘Out Of Touch’ Judeo-Christian Movement For Immigration Reform.
  • Good As You: There is a major Catholic push against your equality that is starting to make the Mormon’s 2008 efforts look like child’s play by comparison.
  • Pam’s House Blend: The federal government must investigate NOM’s finances.
  • RH Reality Check: Forty Days of Protesting Birth Control.
  • Some eye-opening info about the right-wing folks behind the ACORN videos.
  • Finally, why does Chuck Norris hate America … or at least our flag?