Right Wing Round-Up – 5/2/12

  • John Fea: Some Thoughts on David Barton’s Appearance on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart.
  • Jim Burroway @ Box Turtle Bulletin: Missouri GOP Lawmaker Comes Out, Denounces “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.
  • Jon Bershad @ Mediaite: Here’s Video Of Glenn Beck Taping His Co-Host To A Table And Waterboarding Him With Ensure.
  • Towleroad: Pastor Sean Harris ‘Retracts’ Advice to Parents to Beat Kids Who Seem Gay But Says It’s Still an Abomination.
  • Michelangelo Signorile @ Huffington Post: The Richard Grenell Fiasco: How a Cynical Political Move Blew Up in Mitt Romney’s Face.

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