Right Wing Round-Up

  • What do Randall Terry and the Phelps clan have in common?  They both protest Obama’s daughters’ school.
  • Gary Bauer says the alleged Fort Hood shooter was a “sleeper agent” while the author of “Muslim Mafia” says now is the time for a “backlash” against Muslims.
  • In Florida, the Tea Party is now officially a political party.
  • Alan Colmes: Scott Roeder Confesses To Killing George Tiller.
  • Raw Story: Palin sees conspiracy in new dollar coins.
  • Think Progress: Oklahomans rally at State Capitol to protest anti-choice law that would post abortion details online.
  • Media Matters: The Washington Times’ history of anti-gay rhetoric.
  • Finally, quote of the day from the Texas Freedom Network: “Am I a religious fanatic? Absolutely. You’d have to be to do what I do.” – State Board of Education member Don McLeroy, R-Bryan, talking about how he approaches public education.